BPI-M64 新镜像:2016-07-19-edu-ubuntu-mate-1604-preview-bpi-m64.img



*]based on ubuntu 16.04 mate from bpi-m3-mate (http://opensource.ntpc.edu.tw/)
*]BPI-M64 kernel 3.10.101
*]username & password: pi/bananapi , root/bananapi
*]support HDMI
*]support eMMC
*]support GMAC
*]support bpi-bootsel cmd can switch to (bpi-m64 & bpi-m3 & bpi-m2 & bpi-m2p & bpi-m1-m1p-r1)
*]support boot.scr (boot.cmd) to fatload dtb & Image & Initrd
*]kernel 3.10.101 (based on armbian’s build), thanks for armbian (http://www.armbian.com)
*]github from https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib by armbian’s work
*]special thanks for Simon Eisenmann’s work (https://github.com/longsleep)
*]special thanks for linux-sunxi’s work (https://linux-sunxi.org)
*]thanks for pine64.org’s work (http://wiki.pine64.org)
*]support nodejs
*]support node-red
*]included many apps for edu
*]support scratch 2 online with scratchx
*]special thanks to the team of http://opensource.ntpc.edu.tw/
[/list]info: need >= 16GB SD and not use for eMMC(8GB)Google Drive:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_YnvHgh2rwjSTQ5V2ItMXlEeVE/view?usp=sharingbaidu download link:
MD5: e7cf0c03baa2e7d6c49e4744ed4d1095