BPI-M3 github source code public

Getting Started

Choose a board doing: ./build.sh,

Choose a board doing

“This tool supports the following BPI board(s):”


  1. BPI_M3_720P"

  2. BPI_M3_1080P"

  3. BPI_M3_LCD7"

  4. BPI_M3_USB_720P"

  5. BPI_M3_USB_1080P"

BPI-M3 SD Card Info

Step 1.To be on safe side erase the first part of your SD Card (also clears the partition table).

   sudo  dd if=/dev/zero of=${card} bs=1M count=1

Step 2.Go to folder “Download”, put the file(s) to 100MB of the SD Card whit DD command.

 sudo dd if=boot0_sdcard.fex     of=${card} bs=1k seek=8

sudo dd if=u-boot.fex           of=${card} bs=1k seek=19096

sudo dd if=sunxi_mbr.fex    of=${card} bs=1k seek=20480

sudo dd if=bootloader.fex   of=${card} bs=1k seek=36864

sudo dd if=env.fex          of=${card} bs=1k seek=69632

sudo dd if=boot.fex         of=${card} bs=1k seek=86016


You may go to http://www.banana-pi.org to download Ubuntu15.04 images and burn them into the Sdcard to see the architecture.