H3Droid Android development on allwinner H3 chip project

Hey All!

Today we are happy to release H3Droid version 1.3.4 which includes some long awaited bug fixes and a few new features (ROOT / Superuser IS HERE)! :grinning::grin:

What makes H3droid special?

  • Plenty of H3 boards supported (and the rest should require simple reconfiguration)
  • Universal native installer (only 176MB for fully working system, no need for windows)
  • Mainline uboot
  • Changed partition layout
  • Support for different usb-wifi dongles:
    • realtek: 8188/8192cu, 8188eu, 8812/8821au
    • ralink: 5370 and similar
    • mediatek: 7601u
    • broadcom: 6212
  • Touchscreens: compatible with usbtouchscreen.ko and few i2c/spi
  • Custom video modes in native resolution: 800x480 1024x600 1024x768 1280x1024 1360x768
  • H3resc: custom recovery, configuration and updating system
  • Working powermenu (reboot/poweroff)
  • /data/rc.local for user customizable init
  • navbar+sysbar
  • ssh server with key access
  • Virtual kb disabled when using physical kb
  • Support for installing and dual booting Armbian
  • micropython, i2c/spi kernel modules enabled for tinkering
  • gps modules can be made working with user help

New / Fixed / Changed in H3Droid version 1.3.4:

  • Added: Superuser (ROOT) (untested, disabled by default, enabler in h3resc)
  • Added: H3ii: enable cvbs/pal if edid is empty, ie. no hdmi display connected. needs testing.
  • Added: Kernel module: radio-rda5807
  • Added: Display scaling (overscan) is back
  • Added: SoC info to “about device”
  • Added: Waveshare 0eef:0005 touchscreen single-touch support (untested, please report)
  • Added: 1080i to selectable modes in h3resc
  • Added: GPS support (fusedlocation and gps.default module, to enable gps edit build.prop: ro.kernel.android.gps)
  • Added: Coloured ir key mappings for remotes (red/green/yellow/blue), you can set own shortcuts with:
    -to launch url: setprop persist.user.shortcut_red http://some.website.com
    -to launch app: setprop persist.user.shortcut_red app–split–com.android.settings–split–com.android.settings.Settings
  • Fixed: typos in settings
  • Fixed: small fixes to data resizer and armbian installer scripts
  • Fixed: ‘green armbian fix’, renamed to ‘dvi fix toggle’
  • Changed: removed tethering settings (needs working softap drivers)
  • Changed: H3resc: item 53 changed into ADDONS submenu with:
    -enable latest gapps
    -enable superuser
    -install spmc/kodi 16.4.2
  • Changed: sshd start is now controlled via property (enabled by default)
  • Changed: net.bt.name
  • Changed: display scaling minimum to 80% (from 90%)

Please check out the ‘How it Looks’ page as the layout has changed a bit!

We encourage all users to also re-read the updated H3ii and H3resc pages as some of the options have changed!

Also, take a moment to check out our blog, we will be making more posts there as time goes on!

If you have time to be an development build tester we would welcome you to come by our IRC channel #H3droid on Freenode IRC network and get in touch with us.

We are happy to provide development access to those who have time to go through the image and provide useful feedback. We have added a development channel to auto-update in H3resc for those who participate, however, it is a hidden option which you will need to come chat with us to get!

As always, please feel free to provide feedback here on the forum, on our feedback form or come chat with us on IRC in #H3Droid on Freenode!

Thanks again to everyone who has provided their time and support to H3Droid!

If you LIKE or LOVE H3Droid and want to give back but don’t have the time to help, donate to our developers!