BPI NB-IoT BC95 开发板 ,兼容 arduino


BPI NB-IoT BC95 开发板,采用移远BC95 NB-IoT物联网模块,华为NB-IoT芯片方案,支持电池接口,全部采用低功耗芯片。并能配合arduino开发板使用。

BPI NB-IoTBC95 物联网网络应用模块,结合移远BC95模块,STM8L152C8U6主人,低功耗,电池寿命可以提高至少10年,支持各种协议的传感器,更适应各种场景的应用,可用于无线抄表,智慧城市,安全、资产跟踪、智能家电、农业和环境监测等行业,提供完整的短信和数据传输服务。与arduino兼容,让您在调试过程中更加容易

Working frequency: 850 MHZ

Size: 53 X 43 mm

Power supply: 3.8 V battery power supply or micro - USB interface power supply (5 V)

Operating temperature range: to 40 ° C to + 85 ° C

Output power: 23 DBM

Sensitivity: - 135 DBM

Power consumption: Sleep: < 20 ua

Download: SWD

The AT command control: 3 GPP Rel - 13, and enhanced the AT command


BPI-BC95 NB-IoT use with arduino:


Instructions: the left aligned with the arduino VIN pin connection, connected with PWM7 pin alignment on the right.


before connection, remove the R39 and R38 resistance, or the master stm8 all IO mouth in a high impedance state, after connection, you can use BC95 development board interfaces on the power supply or USB arduino, absolutely can’t use the arduino DC seat of power supply.
In the product practice, can transform AMS1117 power supply IC and LED to be removed, with battery power directly, to achieve lower power consumption.