Banana Pi BPI-M3 New Image (New EMMC) Release: Raspbian jessie 8.0 2018-5-28 V1.1


Banana Pi BPI-M3 New Image Release: Raspbian jessie 8.0 V1.1

1.About this releasea

  • This release is for banana pi M3 board which is based on Allwinner A83T, and it is based on Raspbian jessie 8.0 operation system with kernel 3.4.39.

2.What’s new in this release

  • Wi-Fi client supported

  • GMAC supported (TCP: 760M/s, UDP: 1M/s)

  • Bluetooth (with bluetoothctl) supported

  • IR function supported (getevent)

  • SATA supported

  • New eMMC supported

  • Camara ov5640: ffmpeg/cap/guvcview supported

  • HDMI 480P & 720P & 1080P supported

  • 1080P mpv supported

  • WringPi supported

3.Known limitations

  • OTG adbd is not work

4.Image link:




hello,is there a lite version,thx




不能下载档案,google drive的有问题。百度的也等无限久还未开始。怎办?