BananaPi BPI-M3 新镜像: ArchLinux-4.18.1-1-ARCH 2018-08-19


Continuing the discussion from Banana Pi BPI-M3 new image :Arch Linux sunxi kernel-4.18-rc3 and uboot- 2018.01 2018-07-19:

BananaPi-M3-Archlinux-4.18.1-1-ARCH Image for BananaPi-M3 Archlinux Kernel: 4.18.1-1-ARCH U-Boot: 2018.09-rc1

  • U-Boot: 2018.09-rc1
  • Kernel: 4.18.1-1-ARCH
  • Ethernet works
  • Wifi works
  • HDMI works
  • LCD needs to be checked(I would appreciate if someone can check it)
  • GPIO works(WiringPi)
  • BPI tools included
  • I2C enabled(In TDB file)

Clean CLI only. System is upgraded by 08.19.2018.

Direct download Image link:


Onboard leds do not work properly, solid red led is fine.