BPI-W2 new image : android 7.1.1 V0.1 beta 2018-5-29


BPI-W2 android 7.1.1 Demo Version


Update Steps:

  1. Download image, unzip the file.

  2. Copy the file “install.img”, to your usb disk.

  3. Plug your usb disk in W2.

  4. Use usb-serial to connect W2, open a console terminal on your PC.

  5. Then power on W2, and press “Tab” button on PC to update image in your W2.

Image link :

Baidu drive: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1WP_TRe9PeNZvfi5bEJy0AQ


Official release detailed Android version of the brush tutorial.I used Win32DISK (flashing back with Phoenix Card-v4.1 burning software) to write the decompressed BPI W2 Android image file install.img into the 8G SD card, plugged into the BPI W2 SD card slot, plugged in the power indicator lights, pressed the POWER button did not respond, HDMI output port did not output. . Who can tell me why?

请官方发布详细的安卓版本刷机教程。我用win 32DISK (用PhoenixCard-v4.1烧写软件闪退)将解压后的BPI W2安卓镜像文件install.img写入8G的SD卡后,插在BPI W2 SD卡槽里,插上电源 指示灯亮起,按POWER按钮没反应,HDMI输出口也没输出。(我的板子以前用SD卡启动过Ubuntu系统),谁能告诉我这是为啥?


我购买了你们的W2开发板,想开发有HDMI IN功能的apk,看相关的资料,需要一些realtek的库
import com.realtek.hardware.HDMIRxParameters;
import com.realtek.hardware.HDMIRxStatus;
import com.realtek.hardware.InvalidOpException;
import com.realtek.hardware.RtkHDMIRxManager;
import com.realtek.hardware.RtkHDMIRxManager.AudioConfig;
import com.realtek.hardware.RtkHDMIRxManager.Size;
import com.realtek.hardware.RtkHDMIRxManager.VideoConfig;