Topsy Banana Pi G1 No.1: Burning Zigbee Module TI CC2530


First show a show G1 and OpenDebugger:

According to the manual Bpi Opendebugger after installing the driver, you can see the list of devices

Then install TI SmartRFProg, and open it

Then I put the CC2530 G1 connected to OpenDebugger, and press the reset button on the middle。

At this time, TI SmartRFProg found the CC2530 device G1

ok, before that, I’ve compiled a cc2530 the hex burning file, so directly to it, and select “Erase, Program and Verify”, then click “Perfrom Actions”

Thus, BPI G1’s CC2530 Zigbee Module on the programming is completed. Next time, I will be the realization of a long-range wireless serial transparent transmission G1 Zigbee CC2530. Stay tuned, thanks