Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice (Microsemi) module for speech recognition

Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice(Microsemi) module for speech recognition

BPI-AI-Voice (Microsemi) development kit

  • Tested and approved by Amazon for

    — microphone solution for both 180o & 360o audio pick-up

  • Amazon ecosystem

    —Reference code implements complete Echo functionality

    —Provides developer access to Alexa Skills

3,Provides a fast and easy way method of evaluating Microsemi’s Automatic Speech Recognition Assist audio enhancement solution with Amazon’s AVS

4,Fast Prototyping

—Application development platform

—HW prototyping

5,Training Tool

Now you can use it on Raspberry pi with amazon AVS

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amazon AVS project

source code on github:

Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice Alexa Voice demo

BPI-AI-Voice(Microsemi) document: