Change BananaPi HDMI Resolution


Change BananaPi HDMI Resolution

By Justin Chen

Translated by Leo Xu

  1. Download the latest Raspbian image from .

about how to burn image into SD card (

  1. Create a new directory named as BananaPI_ChangeHDMI in /home/pi

  1. Open LXTerminal and change to the newly created directory.Then download the latest source code from the official GitHub page (

  1. After the download is complete,you will see a new directory called a10disp in./BananaPI_ChangeHDMI

  1. cd to directory a10disp and copy sunxi_disp_ioctl.h to current directory.

BananaPi動態更改解析度.rar (335 KB)

  1. Run the compile command in current directory.

  1. You will see the executable file a10disp after compilation.

  1. Because restarting the X-Windows will make the monitor lose display signal, you need to run the following command through serial port.

i. Stop the X-Windows

ii. Change theHDMI resolution

For 720P

     sudo ./a10disp --screen 0 changehdmimode 5

For 1080P

     sudo ./a10disp --screen 0 changehdmimode 10

iii. Restart theX-windows

Currently supports the following resolution:

HDMI/TV Mode Numbers:

0 480i

1 576i

2 480p

3 576p

4 720p 50Hz

5 720p 60Hz

6 1080i 50 Hz

7 1080i 60 Hz

8 1080p 24 Hz

9 1080p 50 Hz

10 1080p 60 Hz